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my husband and our sidekick were with me along with a family friend to help set up so… look who got a quick spotlight!
and who can keep their hands off amazing cake pops like these?
danny made these amazing hand illustrated cheshire cat smiles that i just had to show off. unfortunately, jax didn’t do the best job. he quickly got fired.
thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this look so awesome! check these people out:
vintage dishes: the vintage table co. (kathy has some of these most amazing dishes i have ever laid my eyes on! she is also pretty darn sweet.)
florist: pixie’s petals (leslie is super talented, ridiculous nice and pretty much part of my dream team.)
desserts: jammz | mary bradley 760.887.1070 (this is my mom. she’s talented and makes really yummy things.)
and extra thanks to my husband, veronica and my photographer friend amanda patrice for loaning her ultra-cool chair and dining room table. ya’ll rock my world!
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Feb 15, 2011

i came home to this little treat. the card just made my day!


thank you to amber and chris for being so generous and thoughtful! you guys seriously rock! squeeze that little ricky face for me! <3
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i am head over heels in love with emily and john! if i tried to love them anymore i would explode! i am being pretty modest about it too. dead. serious. here. people.

now prep yourself for a quick history.
… so, danny and i were originally planning to shoot erin and ty up north during their baby shower because emily was going to host her party and wanted her to have maternity photos at that time. it fell on our anniversary but honestly any trip to healdsburg and time with emily and/or erin is a no-brainer for us. although erin and ty ended up doing a session with me prior, we managed to keep our trip in tact to healdsburg to do a few sessions with emily and some of the fantastic people that surround her as well as take advantage of one of our favorite places and people to celebrate a special time in our own lives. i still can’t get over how much we just adore this town and this wonderful group of people we have been so beyond blessed to meet let alone begin to weasel ourselves in as blossoming friends. 😉
so here’s a little bit of emily and john on this recent trip:
oh! and i HAVE to tell you about the mouth-dropping “indian summer bbq” emily and john hosted while we were there. first of all, this woman is an event goddess! three words: homemade. corn. tortillas. hello!?!! i have to say it was probably our most favorite part of the trip. well, yeah the tortillas too! getting to lounge around on john’s deck surrounded by amazing, summery, evening weather and the absolute best people which included maggie and andy seriously how lucky are we?! oh i didn’t even tell you about the food yet. just be very jealous. trust me. aside from the fantastic homemade tortillas, know that john’s freshly grown heirloom tomatoes were also a big part of the evening. i would die for leftovers right now. anyway, here are some of the details.
so if any of you are in need of a wedding coordinator in sonoma county by the way, this is your gal! 
in short, danny and i could not have spent our anniversary in a better way. we loved every moment and are scheming as i type this on getting our entire family moved and functioning from healdsburg. it’s totally true.
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