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Jan 23, 2012

let’s dig right in this week shall we?

1. good deeds / paying it forward.
the older i get the more and more prevalent it is for me to do things for others. aside from sounding ridiculously cliche by stating how great it feels to do these things it really just screams out to me that it’s what we should be doing. part of life. i like win/wins and this is nothing but full of pure this.
2. aquarians.
birthdays are pretty cool no? well not only did my husband gain another year in age but two brother-in-laws and a mother-in-law and a mom up next. i have a thing for aquarians.
3. boston baked beans.
well i have to put a stipulation on this one. IF they are fresh, they pretty much rock your world.
4. gardening / farming.
so i have this deep soul desire to be a farmer. its true its true. don’t laugh. i bought a homestead book, a seed sprouter, a butt load (technical term) of organic, non-gmo seeds and i have a growing list of desires. chickens, goats, a greenhouse … yeah. now i need land. minor details. lol.
5. dorking out.
i really stand by this. the other night i was told, “whoa, you really just let your dork fly out.” damn right!!!!!!
6. moments like these:
my daughter swears she knows how to shuffle as in …. “everyday i’m shufflin!” i say really? we refer to you tube to verify. next thing i know lmfao is shakin our butts. although i swear shufflin is just a glorified or not-so-glorified version of the running man (80’s people am i right?)
ok song of the week!!!! i am dying to post this one. i have listened to it an embarrassingly amount of times in a row. enjoy!!!

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Jan 02, 2012

so we’ve survived the holidays and are trudging on into a new year. i love the optimism that is re-born when welcoming the new year. new goals being made, new hopes rising and so much to look forward to. happy new year friends!

so here’s what i have for this monday:

1. being open.
so in our family we have quasi-conflicting traditions. part of danny’s family being jewish and my family whom celebrates christmas makes it extra fun for us. we get to do it all. we are teaching our children to accept and honor various beliefs. we literally say to zoe when she has questions that there are many different beliefs, religions, thoughts and feelings about life and god. i am passionate about my kids following what is right in their own hearts even if it somehow conflicts with my own beliefs either now or any time in the future. i think it’s a personal journey everyone gets a right to take in their own lives and what a fantastic, rich and joyous journey it can be.
2. documentaries.
um. i have an addiction to these. ask danny. he will even do an amazing eyeroll for you when i get the remote control in my hands.
3. nature.
honestly i don’t think there is anything that makes me smile from the depths of me that doesn’t involve nature somehow. i think the absolute most joyous things in life involve being in nature. i vow to make more of this happen in my life. we have been walking our neighborhood at night with the dog and rolling our son in his new car and those few moments really make a huge difference in our well-being. feeling the breeze, seeing the stars, napping in the grass, listening to the birds …. all of it. so easily accessible too.
4. hiking.
ok so it’s a rip off of number 3 but whatcha gonna do? this is from my hike today:
5. sense of smell.
ok now obviously some smells are not as welcome as others. but the other day, i walked past a house and you know when someone’s dryer has been going and you smell their dryer sheets and it wafts outside. holy crap, i LOVE that smell! oh and last night someone’s steak was going on the grill. that stuff nearly alters all your dinner plans!
6. my car.
i’d have to say if i couldn’t drive it would be like cutting off my right arm. it’s my lifeline to my sanity. i can spend hours driving aimlessly in complete bliss.
this monday funday’s song is a great driving song. get in the car, turn this up and smile.

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Dec 19, 2011

i have a dirty confession. i am NOT a real fan of the holidays. but… i AM a fan of:

1. animals.
we had the opportunity to hang out with a family friend of ours at the zoo this past week. what a serious joy. even amidst sitting in the 5 traffic on a friday (omg, not the brightest idea) on the way there AND back, mind you, we strolled the place with our own animals and somehow still managed to have 2 magical hours at the zoo prior to it closing. it was cool, nearly desolate and all the animals were out and about. i’ve never had a better experience. we saw two baby tigers wrestling around with their mom and each other, chimpanzees being their always-funny selves and the towering giraffes…. seriously every habitat we walked up to pretty much was rummaging with the animals you were supposed to see in there AND they were actually doing more than imitating logs. how often does that happen?! it felt pretty magical.
2. happy clients.
got this awesomeness in my mail box this week! thank you soooo much larisa and nate!!! having couples like you are really what make me love doing my job. serving people and receiving appreciation in return is the most fulfilling reward of doing this work. so thank YOU!!! xoxo
3. board games.
lately our week nights have consisted of playing apples to apples with each other as a family. danny, zoe and i laughing at how our minds work (so differently might i add) over this game is pretty fun time spent all while jax is swimming amongst the remaining cards and boy crashing into them and snow angel-ing belly down…. yep. it takes skill to play the game AND bypass toddler catastrophe which we seem to be perfecting.
4. inside jokes.
are these not THE BEST JOKES EVER?! they really make you feel like you have your own inner world with someone that no one else can play in. it’s an intimate and fun exchange that you seem to remember in unison forever. i live for these.
5. space.
my son pointed at the sky the other night in total wonder as i explained the “moon” and “stars”. these moments are those where my heart beams. not only do i share that cherished moment with my son but i always enjoy realizing how small we really are and how wonderous and grand and incomprehensible the universe really is. i can geek out here but i won’t. na na na nana naaaaa! ;)-
6. being truly happy down to your gut for those you love.
i have seen some amazing things happen in the lives of people close to me lately and man it feels so damn great to see them so happy! no envy, no jealousy, no crap. just pure joy and happiness for the good that is with someone you cherish.
happy *cough* *hack* *gag* holidays. lol. kidding. seriously friends, hope you have happy hearts that extend well past the year! 🙂
here’s my song pick for the week. it always makes my heart happy:

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