Jan 30, 2012

for those that stumble upon this and may not know, monday funday is a blog post that entails posting a few things that made me smile during the week or two preceding my previous post. the basis is really just to share and spread things that make me/us happy. i have been trying to get others to participate and i think i roped in my first victim, ahem! ruby rideout 🙂 so hopefully we’ll see her slinging some of her happy items around the www soon.

anyway, this week is an extra special start as i spent my weekend in phoenix for…
1. girl time.
let me say this; i have an amazing husband whom is truly my best friend (well….. most days) *wink* and two amazing kids i cannot live without *cough* (ok. again, most days) but when it comes to female relationships in my life, i cannot stress enough the importance of these bonds. i have been so blessed as i have aged with some real astonishing women and this sadly has not always been the case in my life. but what i can say is the wait has been above and beyond worth it to have such incredible women as friends now. i came home yesterday with one overly full heart. thank you ruby! 🙂
me and ruby

2. asian markets.
holy hecklesticks. this weekend we browsed an asian supermarket (my first time) and i think i died and went to heaven for a short while. it was huge! i saw vegetables i had no idea even existed. aisles and aisles of newness to feast my eyes on. i left with some amazing items and have already begun my feasting.
3. new little people.
i became an aunt to a new little guy this week. my sister-in-law and brother-in-law had a their baby, walter david doublin on friday. yay for newbie doublins! so exciting, just the thought of a whole new person experiencing life for the first time. i have seen so many past clients and friends as well share their exciting news of baby announcements and births that it has been a bit overwhelming but in the most wonderful way. ahhhh.
4. heated seats.
so i rented this car for my road trip and i totally splurged on one that had heated seats. i twitch a little admitting this but im a sucker for those things. i rode probably the entire way with it on. here’s to happy rumps!
i am a pretty hardcore this american life fan. i am even pretty convinced that my soul could shrivel up and die without this show. yeah. so radiolab is really giving it a run for its money. fan-flippin-tastic show! highly recommend!
6. trader joe’s pumpernickel pretzel sticks.
i just discovered these and i might need therapy.
song of the week:

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  • You had me reading with happy tears and then halfway down laughing my @ss off with your Asian markets commentary! Okay I’m definitely doing the blog thing again, soon very soon.
    As for our friendship, it will never die. It’ll only keep getting even that much better with time. Imagine in our old crusty ages in our 80’s ( or 50’s lol) how we’ll still be pushing each other at coffee shops insisting to pay and top it off with excellent conversations.
    Love you!

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