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Dec 19, 2011

i have a dirty confession. i am NOT a real fan of the holidays. but… i AM a fan of:

1. animals.
we had the opportunity to hang out with a family friend of ours at the zoo this past week. what a serious joy. even amidst sitting in the 5 traffic on a friday (omg, not the brightest idea) on the way there AND back, mind you, we strolled the place with our own animals and somehow still managed to have 2 magical hours at the zoo prior to it closing. it was cool, nearly desolate and all the animals were out and about. i’ve never had a better experience. we saw two baby tigers wrestling around with their mom and each other, chimpanzees being their always-funny selves and the towering giraffes…. seriously every habitat we walked up to pretty much was rummaging with the animals you were supposed to see in there AND they were actually doing more than imitating logs. how often does that happen?! it felt pretty magical.
2. happy clients.
got this awesomeness in my mail box this week! thank you soooo much larisa and nate!!! having couples like you are really what make me love doing my job. serving people and receiving appreciation in return is the most fulfilling reward of doing this work. so thank YOU!!! xoxo
3. board games.
lately our week nights have consisted of playing apples to apples with each other as a family. danny, zoe and i laughing at how our minds work (so differently might i add) over this game is pretty fun time spent all while jax is swimming amongst the remaining cards and boy crashing into them and snow angel-ing belly down…. yep. it takes skill to play the game AND bypass toddler catastrophe which we seem to be perfecting.
4. inside jokes.
are these not THE BEST JOKES EVER?! they really make you feel like you have your own inner world with someone that no one else can play in. it’s an intimate and fun exchange that you seem to remember in unison forever. i live for these.
5. space.
my son pointed at the sky the other night in total wonder as i explained the “moon” and “stars”. these moments are those where my heart beams. not only do i share that cherished moment with my son but i always enjoy realizing how small we really are and how wonderous and grand and incomprehensible the universe really is. i can geek out here but i won’t. na na na nana naaaaa! ;)-
6. being truly happy down to your gut for those you love.
i have seen some amazing things happen in the lives of people close to me lately and man it feels so damn great to see them so happy! no envy, no jealousy, no crap. just pure joy and happiness for the good that is with someone you cherish.
happy *cough* *hack* *gag* holidays. lol. kidding. seriously friends, hope you have happy hearts that extend well past the year! 🙂
here’s my song pick for the week. it always makes my heart happy:

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location: balboa fun zone
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Dec 12, 2011

monday monday! *happy dance* i assure you the happy dance is more for being caught up than it is for being monday. ;)- i know ya’ll know what i mean. here are my picks for the week…

1. imagination.
i was driving the other day and remembered being little and full of massive amounts of this stuff.  it seemed to seep from the deepest, silliest places in me. i am not sure if it’s a product of having a bunch of time alone as a child or the only child syndrome (pre-brother) or maybe just a super cool imagination gene, i dunno. but anyway, i couldn’t just fold clothes and put them away, i had to make an elaborate scenario in my head where laundry folding would somehow become a full blown fabric store (think joanne’s) and drinking chocolate milk would have to become more grand as well… it would be some handmade exotic concoction that droves of people would line up and stumble over themselves to get a taste of. as my aunt would say, cutting a sandwich in fourths made it taste better. hey it’s the little things i always say. so anyway, among some of my favorite episodes being the universal “hot lava” while jumping from bed to bed i remembered a particular gem… i used to pick the pussywillows from my step-mothers vase in her entryway and pocket my new special friends to send out on secret missions later from our car window. ahhhhh.
2. the ability to laugh at oneself.
if i didn’t possess this particular ability, i would be shriveled up and dead by now. i can think many an instance where crawling under a rock is totally an acceptable response, however, laughing at myself instead has taught me to love those idiotic things in myself that make me human. here enjoy this for example: you know how there are those women that everyone in the world points and laughs at because somehow she managed to drive off with the gas pump still attached to her tank (i know there are images that roam the internet for everyones entertainment on this exact subject). well, apparently i am that girl. oh yes. that was indeed a fun day. i blame it on the wedding i was getting ready to shoot that day. 😉
3. pop rocks.
come on children of the 80’s friends… you know they are awesome.
4. sprouts.
i ordered them on my sandwich last night and trust me, finding an establishment that offers these is a hallelujah moment all on its own.
5. embarrassing my kids.
my dad did it for me and i get the joy and pleasure of passing it on. oh lucky lucky them.
6. hair dye.
thank you god. thank you.
song of the week (enjoy!):

have a great week friends. 🙂
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