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Nov 21, 2011

how is it monday again? this is my new recurring question along now immediately with, how is it thanksgiving already? my gawd life, ssssslow the eff down please!!!! i often wish we could obliterate time and all devices that track it. anyway, so it is indeed monday. here are the latest top 6’s that made me smile:

1. dancing.
my life would without-a-doubt cease to exist if i couldn’t partake in this activity. i do it at my desk, as i type this, in the car and in the shower (oh jeez danny walked in on me recently with a full blown, “uhhhhh. what are you doing?!” “um. it’s called dancing! mmmn kaaay?! shut the door!” 🙂 it gets me through life. plus i have some serious killer moves, ask zoe. he he he.
2. observation.
another thing i would shrivel up and die without. i too often become overwhelmed and grin with the amazing beauty i get to observe in this life. people’s little interactions in public places, gorgeous landscapes that make your heart soar when you feel lucky to be in that moment to see it, that certain look you get from your kids, the whimsical times you get to observe animals in nature (zoe and i saw a coyote driving yesterday and i sorta like to freak out over stuff like that – this includes dramatic pulling over and squealing and pointing and all that.) i too just love to chuckle at us (humans) in general. we’re pretty fascinating.
3. donuts or doughnuts? my mom always preferred dognuts but anyhoo…
danny and the kids just literally brought some home. yeah i’m smiling.
4. synchronicity.
did i say this one already? you ever experience those moments in the life that make you feel like you’re in a pretty magical world. not fairies and unicorns magic but the magic of meaning.
5. book trading.
a friend and i swapped some books to read, now i just need to get caught up and bury into them. i loved getting the package in the mail. <3
6. caffeine.
i wouldn’t be smiling at all without this stuff on a regular basis. hahaha.
and song of the week! a long time favorite that makes me sway no matter whats going on when it plays…

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location: los rios rancho (oak glen)
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