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ok first of all… happy halloween!

halloween 2011 (zombies)
yeah, we probably got that look at several of the houses we showed up to tonight. 😉 we love halloween. hands down the best holiday. so much fun.
anyway, it has been (as is every year) the busiest month. october is just habitually like that. every. darn. year. lol. not that i’m complaining really, it is my favorite month. just cuh-raze-eeee! we swing our anniversary, my daughter’s birthday, a yearly family trip to oak glen, the haunt, weddings out the wazoo, halloween and i just know i missed some more fun events but you get the idea. so to start out this funday monday i have to say;
this is rare rare rare gold in my world. lol.
2. amazing people in my life like this:
emily's handwritten note & recipe
miss emily machi! i just could give you a big ol’ kiss. i feel so lucky to have you in my life, thank you, thank you, thank you! you have got to be the most giving person i know. i am always in disbelief that people like you really exist. lol. thank you again friend. 🙂 it really made me smile all retarded like (ask danny).
3. sunflower seeds.
i have a knack of overdosing on these bad boys to the point gaining the most wretched tongue someone could probably ever have. it isn’t pretty.
it’s my latest obsession. sorry facebook friends, you’re gonna have to deal.
5. george carlin.
my friend ruby and i found ourselves sitting in our hotel room from a wedding we were working, exhausted and laughing at george carlin youtube videos. i miss this guy. i’m convinced he was a genius really.
6. my mother-in-law.
she sends me message gems like this:
dee dee iphone message.
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Oct 31, 2011

every year i try to do a photo session for my daughter for her birthday (although it’s clearly really for me). it’s special to me as i get watch her grow into the gorgeous and hilarious young woman she is and capturing that year after year is invaluable to my heart. i love this little girl more than anyone on this planet could ever imagine. ever.

i have said it before and i will say it again until the day i die… she is my purpose. this little girl saved my life and made my black and white world full of the most amazing colors anyone could ever dream.
thank you my little zoer pants. my little pea. i love you more than my heart can take. you are absolutely without-a-doubt the most amazing little girl i have been blessed to know.
nine!!! wow.
your biggest fan,
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Oct 10, 2011

jumping right in with things that made me smile this week:

1. handwritten cards/letters in the mail.
no one seems to do this anymore but i can assure you when one does happen to make its way through the postal system to my mailbox i am one dork-a-fied giddy fool.
2. vegetarian/vegan food.
it’s my new thing. anyone have recipes to share?! i’m all over it.
3. sweaters and jackets.
seriously, just take one look at my closet. i assure you every time i buy one my husband is darn near rolling his eyes. i can’t seem to ever get enough, ever. i’m beyond excited the weather is starting to allow this fetish to come out full steam ahead which brings me to…
4. autumn/fall.
hands down, THE BEST season. pumpkins, chilly breezes, falling colorful leaves, leaf piles, … all of it!
5. with all that said, halloween.
again, an absolute FAVORITE here. eeep! nothing gets me as martha stewart-y as this holiday. i swear by homemade costumes and dressing my kids up in themes which i am not quite sure i’m gonna get away with much longer. zoe is really bustin my chops about that one. poo.
6. concerts.
i bought tickets to the drums on the 17th! woot woot! it has been longer than i care to admit since i’ve been to a show. totally embarrassing and completely un-called for. i’m gonna dance like you won’t believe.
in preparation for the upcoming show… this weeks song is another drums song. sorry but they seriously rock my world as of late. enjoy!

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