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wedding location: private home (san quentin village, ca)
officiant: uncle john (jason’s uncle, whom is also a photographer)
late night dj: dj sneak
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Sep 26, 2011

so it’s monday night. just got back from a whirlwind wedding in san francisco this weekend and am actually feeling refreshed and inspired. i mean, aside from workin my fanny off i had plenty of time to myself on the flights and in the car so it was bound to happen. i often joke by saying that music and road trips are my religion and the reason is that being a momma of two, a wife and a business owner with an obsessive mind, it is downright ridiculous to think that i get much ME time. i’m talkin no roles, no whining, no cooking, no cleaning, no emailing, no facebook, no shooting, no homework, no discipline, no nothin!!! this is my slice of heaven, where i reconnect with me. often times this feels waaaaay too few and far between, lol. but hey, i am head over heels when i get these moments because it allows me to come home with vigor, more to give and my head back in balance with my real priorities.

anyway, this recent trip got me thinking about what i’m truly appreciative for in my life. its not the money. nor the material things i find myself longing for or obtain… (ok well, usually). but its the little tiny simple things that are often overlooked but when you reconnect they make you smile and bring you true joy. i decided i wanted to share some of these things with you guys. heck, share with me some of yours too. i think it helps keep our heads happier and in a good place. so i am starting monday fundays. it’s simple. i post six things every monday that have made me smile the previous week. i thought about a top five but hey i like marching to the beat of my own drum. besides, six is my favorite number.
so here it goes:
1. generous strangers.
this weekend, i was told i would be staying with a neighbor for this wedding i was shooting. i have to be honest and say it made me feel a little uneasy. when i showed up and was taken to her house and dropped off, i almost immediately wanted to make her my best friend. you know the kind of people that just ooze with amazing-ness the second you meet them? she’s one of those. in the less-than-a-few-hours we spent together, i felt so so so delighted and blessed to have met her. i wish we could all be this amazing to one another at the whim she was able to for me. thank you sherri!!!
2. husbands who fill gas tanks.
i hate hate HATE filling my gas tank. it’s by far one of my biggest pet peeves. i’m impatient and can not be bothered by stopping to fill my gas tank. it’s absurd! lol. thank you hubs. it is the little things. 🙂
3. hawks.
yep. it’s true. it is imperative that every time i see one (usually from the freeway) i must crook my neck to get a view of these creatures.
4. my kids smiles.
5. girlfriends.
i have eluded to this before but seriously wherever i can i will shout it from the damn rooftops if i have to… these women save my life!!!
6. communicating without words.
when you are able to look at someone and know what each other is thinking without having to utter a single word, oh. my. jellysticks. it rocks my world. i love ‘that look’. you know the lookthen laughing in unison or whatever emotion it happens to conjure up from what you are both experiencing together at the moment yet can’t verbalize for whatever reason. thank you life for that!
and just because a photography blog post should probably at least have a photo. 😉
blog_010.jpg-from a 2007 road trip.
i encourage any else who’d like to play along with me to comment their top 6’s for the week. 🙂
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