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so july kicked me in the pants so hard it made me want to do nothing other than crawl into my pajamas and sleep for 3 weeks straight. with the major blessing of the work i get to do and the beautiful people i get to work for, i now enter the second stage, editing. as i feel completely overwhelmed and loosing grips with what i thought was a life, i get to look at these faces and remind myself why i do it. i would even work harder for the smiles on these faces. heck i work hard because i actually love it. once in awhile though i just need to stop for a few and take in these two lovely souls. they get my heart pumping again.

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wedding ceremony: balboa bay club (newport beach, ca)
wedding reception: balboa bay club (newport beach, ca)
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i melt for mother and child love stories. it is one special bond that exceeds anything i ever learned about love. i am so excited for you jen and cannot wait to see baby greyson arrive!

so friends, i met jennifer online through her san diego wedding blog: bridal inquirer. i had yet to meet her in person after all this time so getting to hop out of my car and squeeze her cute self and baybeh belly was a pretty awesome treat. this is one adorable girl and when you add that delicious little belly to it, it could make your head explode. 
i drove down to her home in elfin forest which is a gorgeous community in escondido. we actually shot all these on her property (which is stunning by the way). 
jennifer thanks so much for just being you and tell that hubby of yours that hiking you up to the water tower was totally all your idea. 😉 xo
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