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but they are worth it! <3
happy father’s day danny! and all you other proud poppas!
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one of my favorite things in the world, in all seriousness, is silliness. yeah, like that? this couple exudes silliness and as nervous as they were, they certainly had fun and kept me laughing too. when sarah showed up with props to lighten things up i was all game. i mean, who doesn’t love an awesome mustache?

location: silverado canyon (orange county)
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Jun 10, 2010

one month ago (the day after mother’s day) i squeezed this sweet face out of my… (WHOA. let me back that truck up.) seriously though, i cannot believe how fast it has come and gone.

yet all at the same time it has often made us all feel like this:
we love you little jax man! 
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